superreal_punk Fotos Olaf Ballnus

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nostalgia is the drug of age
for many people, punk was the most influential time of their lives.
it was an orientation, a comunity and a reason to do something individual, rather than following prefabricated trends.
the music that came over from england was crucial for an entire generation.
olaf ballnus, who went on to study photography at the folkwang university in essen and who later kicked of a career
as a magazin photographer and a documentary film maker in hamburg, drives with his opel kadett c through germany
in the 80´th: the industrial ruhr area, squats in berlin, tristesse and legendary concerts.
wotan wilke möhring adds a text about his time as a punk in the city of herne.
luckily, he later met fashion designer
and famous promoter of punk fashion, vivienne westwood, who advised him to become an actor.